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Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antar
Contact: George Wortley   <--Send email
Notes: Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station is located at the Geographic South Pole in Antarctica. Due to current conditions of darkness for 6 months and minus 100F wind chills, The ride will be held on stationary bicycles in the fitness room.
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ASRV Laurence M. Gould

Contact: Maggie Amsler   <--Send email
Distance: 1 hour
Notes: This ROS will be held in the small gym aboard the Antarctic Supply and Research Vessel Laurence M. Gould during a research cruise in the Southern Ocean. In keeping with the spirit of the ride participants will silently spin on the single stationary bike and if seas allow walk the treadmill beside the bike and/or spin the ergs on nearby rowing machine.
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Palmer Station

Contact: Mike Rice   <--Send email
Distance: one hour
Notes: Ride will take place Wednesday night in Palmer Station's small gym. Cyclists will pedal side by side on a pair of stationary bicycles. In keeping with the spirit of the ride, gym users will maintain silence during spin pulls, treadmill or rowing machine use. Palmer Station is proud to again promote bicycle safety and awareness from Antarctica.
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