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Logo Usage Guidelines - RIDE OF SILENCE™

The Ride of Silence™ logo is trademarked, and thereby protected under law, while The Ride Of Silence is protected under copyright law.

Any use of the logo, the ride, or the name must be cleared with The Ride Of Silence Board to be approved.

Any "out-of sequence ride" that takes place outside the bounds of the annual date in mid-May when the world wide Ride Of Silence takes place can not be called The Ride Of Silence.

Using the logo correctly will maintain consistency and respect for the Ride of Silence identity. Please follow the guidelines below.

The Ride of Silence logo is able to be produced in the following ways:

  1. Process color - 4-c printing
  2. Grayscale - black (100%, 40% and 20%).
  3. Line art - black only.

The Ride of Silence logo is available in the following formats: .eps, .tif, .jpg.

DO NOT change the colors of the logo.

DO NOT place other graphics on or close to the logo or alter its meaning by attaching unrelated graphics.

DO NOT print the color version of the logo on a colored background. This will change the colors of the logo. If you use a colored background, use a white holding shape behind the logo.

DO NOT print a one-color version of the logo in a color other than black.

DO NOT apply special graphic effects to the logo.

DO NOT use special fills for the colors in the logo. The color logo must always have a solid fill in the official colors.

DO NOT distort the proportions of the logo.

DO NOT add or remove anything from the logo.

Minimum Clear Area

When the logo is used together with photography, illustration, or other typography, a minimum amount of clear space should surround the logo. This space is equivalent to the height of the letter S in SILENCE.

Although a white background is generally preferred, the logo may print over a photograph. Extra caution must be used to ensure that the area of the photograph under the logo is uncluttered and contrasts in color strongly enough to ensure the logo is completely legible and sufficiently prominent. In this situation the minimum clearance rule then applies to the clearance from the edge of the photo.

If reversing the logo out of a dark background, the line art version must be used.

The Ride of Silence logo and original poster were created by Mark Kamenish.

If you have questions about logo guidelines, contact:

Debbie Kaighn - RoS Secretary and East Coast USA Coordinator