Organizer Resources

RoS 5 yr logo - JPEG format2016 Information

  • Event organizers that are having their 5th annual event can use this new special 5-year logo which was created by Nicolas Rivers, our new Australia/New Zealand Coordinator.  It's available as a JPEG, a PNG file and an EPS file.
  • RoS 2016 World Wide posterThe 2016 World Wide poster is available now in bothMicrosoft Word format and PDF.   Please modify the Word file with your local information and print as desired.  It was designed by our Secretary of the Board, Debbie Kaighn.  Contact her if you have any questions about using the poster.
  • 2016 brochure Word template - easily modify for your local event - three-up, 8.5 x 11" format.  Recommended to print on card stock. When cut into 3rd's, will take up the same foot-print area as a normal sized brochure you'd find in a bike shop.
  • A small PR card template - It's a 9X card to be localized and printed on card stock. Cut up into 2.5" X 3.5" cards. Carry when riding and give to potential attendees.

  •  2015 Information

    • Here's a link to the new National poster which has fields that can be modified using the latest version of Adobe Reader or Acrobat.  Our organizer for the Sacramento, California event, Sonya Lovine and friend Angela of Billings Art, submitted their poster for our contest (announced last fall) and we've selected it.  Please modify it and use it to help promote your events.   Some basic instructions:  Download the file and open with the latest version of Adobe Reader or Acrobat.  For the text in the text boxes/fields (we've made those pretty obvious if you read the text) - the PDF allows for rich text. This means the easiest way for you to change the font, size, lower or uppercase, etc., is to go into Microsoft Word, type your text...then format it how you want (center it, change font, change size, etc.)...copy that text...and then paste it into the PDF form field.  So, you can use whatever size font you want to use depending on how much text you are trying to squeeze in.  More questions?  Email the webmaster.
    • Updated logo:  if you're looking for our official classic logo, here it is in JPEG format - PDF & two EPS formats - EPS 1 & EPS 2.  By downloading the logos, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to abide by the Logo Usage Guidlines.

    2014 Information

    • 2014 International Poster - PDF version (example text) - PDF version (add your details using Adobe Reader or Acrobat); Alternate files (best used with Windows):  File 1 - File 2 (download both files then open and edit Word document) by Lacey Nickell (Clermont, FL organizer who lost her father, Harry Nickell in 2010) and Charlene Ruhge.  
    • 2014 International brochure / handout (tri-fold) - Word document for easy editing (courtesy of Mark Hagar)
      • Local Organizers may edit as follows:
        1: Post your local Ride details in the area provided.
        2: Delete one U.S.A. city (not Dallas) from the list of locations that participated and insert your location/# of riders.
        3: Delete a U.S.A. organizer’s comment and insert a comment about your local Ride.
        4: Delete a U.S.A. picture and insert one from your local Ride.
    • Updated RoS Powerpoint for 2014 (courtesy of Mark Hagar)
    • "Ghost bike" version logoversion (PDF); JPEGEPS
    • Classic RoS logo - Left Chest (small, basic) EPS; back side EPS
    • 10th Anniversary year logo - (PDF); JPEG; EPS
      - Thanks to Michael D. Savino, Long Valley, NJ event organizer, The David D. Hammar Foundation, and Elizabeth Adamczyk, Chicago organizer for their work on the updating and creation of these graphics.

    Prior Year Resources

    2012 Poster(courtesy of Mark Hagar, RoS Vice President, Mich. coordinator)
    Download this year's poster using this zipped file (34 mb).  Edit as necessary and reproduce to help you promote your event. 

    Powerpoint Presentations These can be played before or after events or at other bike events prior to the main event.

    PowerPoint Presentations

    PowerPoint Presentations  - Read Me

    Music for PowerPoint Presentations

    Windows 1997-2003 PowerPoint Presentation

    MAC 2000 PowerPoint Presentation

    MAC 2000 PowerPoint Presentation zipped

    MAC 2000 PowerPoint Presentation Self Launch

    MAC 2000 PowerPoint Presentation Self Launch zipped

    General Information

    Easy-to-use online, public mapping tool for your event route.

    Organizer Checklist
    - (courtesy of Elizabeth Adamczyk, Chicago Organizer) Use this handy checklist to help you better prepare and organize your event.

    Safe Riding Rules Handout template (courtesy of Mallory Hicks in memory of sister Paige Hicks)

    How to organize a Ride of Silence™ - General information and tips from Chris Phelan, RoS Founder/ President.

    Press release - Get the word out to your local media.  Here's an example of a localized press release (Oakland Co., MI, 2009) for some ideas on how you can modify it.

    Sample State Resolution - Approach your state's bicycling coalition or League office and ask for a resolution like this (thank you NC!).

    List of event calendar web sites - (PDF, 250K) A list of web sites where you can submit the details of your local Ride of Silence and get the word out.

    Release/ Waiver Form

    Ride of Silence™ Release/ Waiver (MS Word, 26K)

    Disclaimer: We make no representations as to the validity of the form in any jurisdiction, and advise those who might make use of it to consult with local counsel as to any necessary modification for their state. This form does not come with or imply a warranty from Ride of Silence that this form will protect them.

    Ride Handouts

    "Road Rules: Eight Tips For Safer Cycling", provided courtesy of Brushy Mountain Cyclists Club, provide useful information that you can hand out to your riders and promote safe cycling practices:

    Brochure to be run "front & back" on 8.5"x11" card stock and cut into brochures.

    Flyer (MS Word, 269K)

    Templates & Graphics

    • Sample press release (MS Word, 37K)
    • Small Signs (laminate and pin or zip-tie to panniers, jerseys, etc.; created by Mark Hagar) 
    • Updated RoS logo:  if you're looking for our official classic logo, here it is in JPEG format - PDF & two EPS formats - EPS 1 & EPS 2.  By downloading the logos, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to abide by the Logo Usage Guidlines.
    • International Logos

      The Ride of Silence logo has been translated into many different languages for you to use.  By downloading the logos, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to abide by the Logo Usage Guidlines.

      Chinese language version (JPG, 111k) - thanks to Yan kinn-wai from the Hong Kong Cycling Alliance for this adaptation.  Note: this logo uses traditional Chinese characters, as used in Hong Kong, Taiwan and many overseas Chinese communities.

      French language version (PDF format, 34K - thanks to Alain Couët, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, RoS 2008 organizer)

      Spanish language version (JPEG and EPS formats); thanks to Jose M. Benayas, Madrid, Spain RoS 2008 organizer & Daniel Gómez .

      Catalonia language version (Large and small JPEG); thanks to Albert Garcia, Coordinador del secretariat de la CCUB, Catalonia.

      More language versions.... coming soon.  We'd like to have the Ride of Silence logo in as many different languages as possible to encourage more participation around the world.  If you have the ability to create  and are willing to translate "Ride of Silence" into your language please send it to the webmaster for possible inclusion here. Please use the French version as a model for your language(s). 

      Prior Year Posters


    RoS large banners with messages design - 2 different sizes with RoS inspired messages were designed to be mounted to large boards mounted to bike-trailers, adapted from the design below by Tim Potter, E. Lansing, MI organizer (2010).

    Ride of Silence Logo banner designs - 3' x 8', 2 color & 3 color.  Created by Jean Gorman, Tucson, AZ organizer.

    Mapping Tools

    A quick and easy way to map your event course and distribute via email or your web site is the free Gmaps Pedometer tool based on Google mapping technology (unfortunatley, it's now slightly dated technology, but still free).  It's easy to use even the first time.  It shows mile markers and elevation over your course to give your participants a great reference for what to expect on your ride. 

    Jazzed up State Maps

    Check out what Mark Hagar (the Michigan organizer & national mentor) has done to generate enthusiasm within Michigan; a map of the state (2009 version) with all the confirmed cities highlighted, plus other neighboring states and even a few of the key international locations.  He's sending these out to bike shops around the state show people they're not alone in the effort.

    Sample State Report

    Here's a report for the state of Michigan's events in 2008 that Mark Hagar compiled.  Consider becoming a state organizer next year and helping compile more reports like this which really help people better understand the effectiveness of the power in numbers, stories, etc.

    Mentor Program

    For new locations or new site directors who have questions about starting a RIDE OF SILENCE in their community, please contact:

    Mark Hagar - our Michigan director who has helped make Mich. the state with the most RoS events for several years running.