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Granby, QC
Contact: Guy Racine   <--Send email
Notes: Les Cyclones de Granby sont les organisateurs du Tour de Silence 2015 à Granby. Pour nous rejoindre SVP noos contacter : info@cyclonesgranby.ca
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Laval, QC

Contact: Nancy Douville   <--Send email
Distance: 21 km
Notes: Contact the organizer for more details.
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Magog, QC

Contact: LUC BEAUDRY   <--Send email
Distance: 15km
Notes: It's an easy an panoramic ride which begin near a river and finishing quite close from a lake, with a beautifull view on the Appalachian. Escorted by police cars with roads closed to the traffic, the Tour du Silence 2015 in Magog is waiting for you...
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Montreal, QC

Contact: Geoffrey Bush   <--Send email
Distance: 16 km
Notes: Le 4e Tour du Silence de Montréal aura lieu le mercredi 20 mai prochain avec un rassemblement à 18 h et un départ à 18 h 30 de l'École Le Plateau, 3700 rue Calixa-Lavallée, Montréal ( au cœur du Parc Lafontaine) sur un boucle de 16 km à une vitesse moyenne de 15 à 18 km/h, pas trop loin, pas vite.
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Niagara Falls, ON

Contact: Jeff Guarasci   <--Send email
Distance: 10 km
Notes: Come visit us in Niagara Falls, Canada to take part in the Ride of Silence. Our Ride starts at the MacBain Community Centre, located at 7150 Montrose Road. For more info, visit www.niagarafalls.ca
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Oshawa, ON

Contact: Joe Arruda   <--Send email
Distance: 10 Km
Notes: A free and slow 10 km bicycle ride event to help promote the Share the Road initiative. All residents of all cycling skills are welcome to participate. Helmets are mandatory.

A slow ride along Oshawa streets single file and observing rules of the road.

Start and finish in the public pay parking lot adjacent to the Library / The Robert McLaughlin Gallery

The Robert McLaughlin Gallery
77 Queen Street
Oshawa, Ontario L1H 3Z3

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Contact: Francis Ouimet   <--Send email
Distance: 6 km
Notes: From City Hall, proceeding west on Laurier Avenue to catch the segregated bike lane all the way past Bronson to turn around; return to City Hall; repeat. Total distance: approximately 6 km.
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Ridgetown, ON

Contact: Kris McNaughton   <--Send email
Distance: 10 km
Notes: Our local 4-H club is organizing a Ride of Silence as part of our Achievement Program. Individuals from the community are more than welcome to join us for the ride. Please keep in mind our ride is short (10 km) and many participants will be aged 9-15.
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Sherbrooke, QC

Contact: Jean Lussier   <--Send email
Distance: 10 km
Notes: Organized by Le Club cycliste de Sherbooke. Contact the organizer for more details.
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St-Georges Beauce, QC

Contact: Jean Lacroix   <--Send email
Distance: 16.4 km
Notes: RoS, May 20th, 2015

Parc Veilleux to Parc du Pont Couvert
Total route distance: 16.4 km, round trip
Av. speed 15-18 km
Riding time: 18h30-20h30
One stop at km 8.2

"Walkers and foot runners" under police patrol watch for 4-5 km.

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Sydney, NS

Contact: Vic Gouthro   <--Send email
Distance: 15km
Notes: Our ride will be held in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. We will begin at the Mayflower Mall parking on Grand Lake road, turning left and proceeding along Grand Lake Road on to Prince Street turning right onto George Street turning right onto Ferry Street on through Open Hearth Part on to SPAR Road returning to Grand Lake Road and the Mayflower Mall.
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