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Total confirmed 2021 rides: 195

NOTE: As more and more government authorities around the USA and world are prohibiting group ride events, please confirm with the ride organizer of any posted group ride that the ride details are accurate.

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Contact: Carolina Mazza   <--Send email
Notes: https://adfc-berlin.de/aktiv-werden/bei-demonstrationen/ride-of-silence-demo.html
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Contact: Wolfgang Dewald   <--Send email
Distance: TBD
Notes: A new video is online, it's an invitation to the RoS 2021 at Duisburg. The video is made at the corner we will held a minute's silence and exchange the ghost bike. We have a new one with sign and new white painting. The link to the video: https://youtu.be/zWHRCHoPS3s
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Contact: Markus Schlegel   <--Send email
Distance: 15Km
Notes: We will organize a Ride of Silence in 2021. There were 36 traffic accidents with cyclists involved in Mannheim in 2020. Three victims died in consequence of their injuries. We organize the Ride of Silence remembering of the killed and injuried cyclists

We will meet up at 6pm at the Wasserturm. The memorial route will have stops at the places where the three dead victims had there traffic exident. On this spots we will read out the appropriate police protokol and held a minute of silence in honor to the fallen cyclists.

As well there will be placed a ghostbike at the Rheinstraße, where one of the cyclists dies on the 28.07.2020.

Everyone is welcome to join the Ride of Silence!

On this map we summarized all cycle traffic accidents with the link to their police protocols:

For further information follow this links:
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Contact: Michael Brack   <--Send email
Distance: 28 km
Notes: Contact the organizer for more information.
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Nuremberg, Frankonia

Contact: Ludwig Eble   <--Send email
Distance: 8 miles
Notes: Meeting Point: Gutmann at Dutzendteich, Wednesday, 19th May 2021, 7:00 pm
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Contact: Dirk Vielmeyer   <--Send email
Distance: TBD
Notes: Contact the organizer for more details.

Anregungen und Anfragen an dirk@fahrradbotschaft.de

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