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Total confirmed 2019 rides: 133

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Contact: Isabella de Matos   <--Send email
Distance: 8 mi.
Notes: See TeamAlameda.com website (calendar) for ride meeting location, time and route details.
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Contact: Joel Maus   <--Send email
Distance: 10 mi
Notes: Similar route as last year. Contact the organizer for more details.
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Half Moon Bay

Contact: Denny Freezer   <--Send email
Distance: 10 miles
Notes: Please join us on the second Ride of Silence in beautiful Half Moon Bay. We will depart the Mac Dutra Plaza promptly at 7 pm, so please arrive early and WEAR A HELMET! We will ride in silence, at a maximum of 12 mph, along parts of the Naomi Partridge and Coastal Trails, and mostly quiet city streets.
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Contact: Randy Profeta   <--Send email
Distance: 9 mi.
Notes: We will once again be honoring those cyclists who we have lost or have been injured doing what they loved. Please join us.
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Contact: Ken Rands   <--Send email
Distance: 11 mi.
Notes: Meet at Oxbow Commons, ride the Vine Trail to Darms Lane.
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Contact: Michael Alvarez    <--Send email
Distance: 9 mi.
Notes: This is the 4th annual ride for the City of Orange. The Kiwanis Club of Orange is the lead sponsor, along with the City of Orange.
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Contact: Joey Juhasz-Lukomski   <--Send email
Distance: 8 miles
Notes: I am taking this over from Anthony Navarro, and I would like to know what else I need to coordinate with you all. Also, I am attending the National Bike Summit this week.
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Contact: Thomas Cassidy   <--Send email
Distance: 11 mi.
Notes: Start gathering as early as 6, but pls join us! @ Lot K in the SW corner of the Rose Bowl @ the north end of the parking lot next to the fence. Arrive from 6:15/ 6:30 to register, sign your waiver & get set up.

If you have been hit by a car, IDENTIFY yourself and wear RED arm band. If you are honoring someone killed, give us their name so we can honor them & wear a BLACK arm band.

There will be a few quick speakers, and some brief announcements. We will once again have a police motor escort to assist us with our ride! 3/4 of a lap around the Rose Bowl, thru Old Town Pasadena on Colorado Blvd to City Hall for a moment of SILENCE, then back to the Rose Bowl.

WEAR A HELMET! We all ride in a double pace line, in a TIGHT formation, in SILENCE to honor the cyclists.
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Contact: Douglas Holt   <--Send email
Distance: 10 miles
Notes: Start at south end Sundial Bridge. Contact the organizer for more details.
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Santa Cruz

Contact: Gregory Braithwaite   <--Send email
Distance: 7 miles
Notes: Hello and I look forward to seeing you on this year's Ride of Silence. We will meet at Abbot Square, downtown Santa Cruz--please be ready to go at 6:30. We'll take a spin around the Yacht Harbor, then to the west side, and back through downtown.
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Thousand Oaks

Contact: Kathleen Naoum   <--Send email
Distance: 10 mi.
Notes: This will be the 11th year and we will conintue with a 10 mile ride with the Thousand Oaks Police Department escorting the group.
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