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Total confirmed 2014 rides: 175

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Contact: Kenneth Graham   <--Send email
Distance: 6-8 miles
Notes: Amarillo's 10th annual Ride of Silence will be held on May 21 and hosted by Old Tascosa Cycling and Share the ROAD!. Assemble at 6:30 pm for the 7 pm rollout. More details will be posted on Facebook for both of the hosting organizations.
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Contact: Tom Simon   <--Send email
Distance: 10 miles
Notes: Starting in the Kickstand Bike Shop parking lot located at 6366 Phelan Blvd. in the Colonnade Shopping center. Sign in at 6:30pm with Police and Fire Truck escort beginning at 7pm.
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Contact: Justin Vaughan   <--Send email
Distance: 12 miles
Notes: Our ride will be starting from the McFaddin-Ward house located at 1906 Calder Avenue in Beaumont, Tx on May 21st at 7:00pm.

The route is approximately 12 miles long and will go through the west end of Beaumont.

You’re encouraged to ride to and from the ride to reduce the parking load at the ride location.

However, parking will be available at the McFaddin-ward Museum.

We have a Facebook group called "Ride of Silence- Beaumont, Tx" as well as an event "2014 Beaumont Ride of Silence”. Please RSVP if you plan on attending.


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Contact: Chris Phelan   <--Send email
Distance: 9 miles
Notes: Meet on the west side of White Rock Lake, between Branchfield and Fisher roads. Arrive 15 min early to allow for traffic. We will leave at 7 pm to join the rest of the U.S. and the world. Donations will be accepted on site.
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El Paso

Contact: EMANUEL BARRAZA   <--Send email
Distance: 20 miles
Notes: 7217 Imperial Ridge Rd. Contact the organizer for more details.
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Fort Worth

Contact: Scott Strom   <--Send email
Distance: 9.6 miles

Arrive by 6:45PM, Wednesday May 21st for the Ride of Silence ceremony. The ride will follow immediately after; approximately 7:00pm.

The ride will start in Trinity Park, at the picnic pavilion just west of the FWWR track. Trinity Park Drive is one-way northbound through this area. Riders coming in from northern areas, such as the Farrington Field parking lot, should follow the road to the north, then ride on the trail back to the south and follow the road to the pavilion. Signs will be posted to direct you. Please do not ride the wrong way on one-way streets.

You are encouraged to ride to and from the ride with your club or other organized ride group, or individually. This will reduce the parking load in the Trinity Park area and provide even more visibility for Fort Worth cycling.
Please do not park inside Trinity Park, unless you are disabled. Parking is available in the Farrington Field parking lot and at the trailhead under Rosedale, on the west side of the river, adjacent to the trail. Both of these spots are within 1 mile of the start.

We will ride into downtown on 7th street, loop through Sundance Square and around the courthouse, go down Hemphill to Magnolia, through the zoo and back to Trinity Park.
Route maps are online at MapMyRide.com.

The Ride of Silence is a silent ride. When possible, please use hand signals to alert other riders of turns/hazards.
The Ride of Silence is a memorial procession. Please ride no faster than 12mph; novice to expert, we all ride together.
Please be alert and considerate of other trail users who may not be aware of the ride.

We need a handful of volunteers to help place signs and provide directions during the ride and to help with mechanical issues during the ride.
Our biggest need for volunteers this year is getting attention for the ride. If you have any contacts in the news media, we need you to help us get them to cover this event.
If you would like to help please email Scott Strom, scottstrom@hotmail.com

We have created a Facebook group “Ride of Silence Fort Worth” and an event “2014 Fort Worth Ride of Silence.” Please go to the event and RSVP if you are attending. You may also join the group to get more information. After you RSVP to the event, you will receive updates of any changes to the route, etc.
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Contact: Bike Houston   <--Send email
Distance: 7 miles
Notes: We will meet at N. Picnic Loop at Memorial Park and ride to Markey Square Park for a short presentation and then return to Memorial Park.
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Contact: Suzanne Stoepel   <--Send email
Distance: 9 miles
Notes: Contact the organizer for details.
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Contact: Marta Rosas   <--Send email
Distance: 11 miles
Notes: Contact the organizer for more details.
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Lumberton / Silsbee

Contact: Richard Tomlinson   <--Send email
Distance: 12.72 miles
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Contact: Kathy Luketich   <--Send email
Distance: 10 miles
Notes: Contact the organizer for further details.
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Contact: Suzanne Magee   <--Send email
Distance: 7.3 miles
Notes: Contact the organizer for details.
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Contact: Ron Appling   <--Send email
Distance: 8-12 Miles
Notes: The Hale on Wheels Cycling Club will be organizing the Ride of Silence in Plainview, TX. This ride will start and end at The Broadway Brew.
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Contact: Lora Stickney   <--Send email
Distance: 15 miles
Notes: This will be the 3rd annual Ride of Silence held at the Tri Shop on Windhaven Pkwy in Plano, TX.
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Contact: Pat Jenkins   <--Send email
Distance: 10
Notes: 5629 Texoma Pkwy
at Woodlake Rd Contact the organizer for further details.
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