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Total confirmed 2015 rides: 76

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New Jersey
Contact: Debbie Kaighn   <--Send email
Distance: 12-17 miles not sure of route
Notes: This is our second year for the ROS.
This year we may ride up to 17 miles as to honor a young lady who was murdered for her bicycle a couple of years ago. A park was dedicated to her in another town. If we ride the longer route, we will most likely start at 6:30 and ride through 3 towns.
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Wall Township

Contact: Cynthia LoCastro   <--Send email
Distance: approx 8 miles
Notes: We will meet at the trail head parking lot of Allaire State Park, on Hospital Road, at 6:30. Waivers need to be signed prior to the ride. The ride leaves PROMPTLY at 7:00. Howell police will provide an escort for the first approximately 2/3 of the ride. Please wear a black arm band, if possible. Questions? Contact Cynthia
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